--Man in the middle -- deaf ear opens after prayer -- deaf for 10 year

(with John Leyendecker & Todd Gantt)

The vision of Sons of God Ministries is to see people move from understanding the truth of what the Bible says about walking as people with authority (given to us by Jesus) to actually living a "Great Commission" life 24 hours a day.  

That life should look identical to Jesus.  

He walked the earth speaking into situations of sickness, disease and demonic possession and setting people free. If you are a believer then you are called to do the EXACT same thing.  In the past 5 years I have seen hundreds of miracles and deliverance...and I am not special.  The Holy Spirit does the work.

I am just available to be used and I believe the Bible. 

If you are sick of listening to the church tell you that you are not ready yet or not called to do this or some other excuse then contact us.  We will not only tell you how to do it...we will tell you AND show you.  We are living the "Great Commission" life and seeing  the same results Jesus did.  It requires a commitment from you...Not monetary (the cost is $0).  It requires you to get "out of the way" and be available to be used.  Jesus told us that the fields are ripe but the laborers few. 

It is my desire to train, equip and send laborers out into the harvest to do the will of our Father with power, authority and grace.  

I am committed to help whomever comes along side as long as they are fully committed to walk like Jesus.  I realize that it is a process of "dying to your old self" and the expectation is NOT that you are perfect when you contact us...however their must be a desire and energy towards change and commitment.  It is not a "part time" thing nor a "Sunday church" situation.  

If this is your desire -- then realize it requires you to press into Kingdom matters and your "walk" in a greater way than ever before. 

However -- the result is nothing short of "heavenly."  God bless you and please reach out if you want more information.   

Todd Gantt



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-Todd Gantt praying
  • at Faith Culture Church Round Rock Tx (Pastor Gerald Johnson)