Sons of God (Ministries)

 ​Sons of God (Ministries)

We live a life on mission for God

We commit our time and energy to serving the Kingdom needs first

We pray for the sick, diseased, oppressed and possessed whenever and wherever they present themselves

We are committed to teaching others to do the same that Jesus did

We pray for anyone regardless of their belief system and expect their bodies to change.

We believe that nothing is too big for God and if there is a shortcoming it is not on His behalf

We do not charge for prayer nor do we expect you to pay for anything

We keep praying with you till we see the situation change or you tell us to stop

We will have disciples at all times that we are pouring into to build the Kingdom

We live a life consecrated to HIM and are "in the world but not of the world."

We study the Word of God daily and spend time with our Father daily.  It is only through Him we can do anything anyway and we owe Him everything